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Acceptable Uses Policy

Acceptable Uses Policy

TeleSites.Net provides Internet web hosting, design, marketing, database, email and development services to clients throughout the world; We have a responsibility to protect these clients and to provide the best service available. The following guidelines were designed to insure that proper service is rendered absolutely.

Our general policy is to act as a provider of internet presence. We have specific ethical concerns regarding the use of our computers detailed below. TeleSites.Net reserves the right to suspend or cancel a customer's access to any or all services we provide when we decide that the account has been inappropriately used.

The Internet is intended for use by mature adults (and by minors when supervised by mature adults). Our customers are expected to use the Internet with respect, courtesy, and responsibility, giving due regard to the rights of other Internet users. The customer is expected to have a basic knowledge of how the Internet functions, the types of use which are generally acceptable, and the types of use which are to be avoided.

Common sense is the best guide as to what is considered acceptable use. The following are unacceptable uses:

Illegality in any form, including but not limited to activities such as unauthorized distribution or copying of copyrighted software, violation of U.S. export restrictions, harassment, fraud, trafficking in obscene material, drug dealing, and other illegal activities. Server abuse, any attempt to undermine or cause harm to a server, or customer of ours is strictly prohibited.

Net abuse, including but not limited to activities such as using a non-existent email return address on a commercial solicitation, spamming (sending unsolicited advertising to numerous email addresses or newsgroups and/or generating a significantly higher volume of outgoing email than a normal user), trolling (posting outrageous messages to generate numerous responses), mail-bombing (sending multiple messages without significant new content to the same user), subscribing someone else to a mailing list without that person's permission, cross-posting articles to an excessive number of newsgroups, or attempting without authorization to enter into a secured computer system. TeleSites.Net reserves the right to determine what constitutes net abuse.

Tortuous conduct, including but not limited to posting of defamatory, scandalous, or private information about a person without their consent, intentionally inflicting emotional distress, or violating trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights. Unauthorized use of other people's accounts or computers, any use or attempted use of an Internet account or computer without the owner's authorization. Such attempts include "internet scamming" (tricking other people into releasing their passwords), password robbery, security hole scanning, etc. Any unauthorized use of accounts or computers by a customer, whether or not the attacked account or computer belongs to us, will result in action against the attacker. Possible actions include warnings, account suspension or cancellation, and civil or criminal legal action, depending on the seriousness of the attack.

Abuse of Unlimited Traffic and/or allotted Storage, our customers are privileged to be offered unlimited traffic and/or allotted storage for their web sites. The intention is to provide a large space to serve web documents, not an offsite storage area for electronic files. All (90%) of your web pages must be 'linked' with files (.GIF, .JPEG, etc.) stored on our server. Web sites that are found to contain either/or no html documents, a large number of unlinked files are subject to warning, suspension or cancellation at the discretion of our management. Any customer who violates our Policies in abusing either space/site transfer will be notified and given 7 days to remedy the problem. If the problem is not resolved within the allotted 7 day period, the client will be billed for the overages.

To maintain the integrity of our service the following limitations apply:

• Sites with Banners, graphics or scripts running from their domain used on other domains.
• Sites with movie, music or picture galleries (This is any site where 50% of the files transferred is graphics, MP3, movies and/or photos).
• Sites offering download files or archives (This is any site where 50% or more of there monthly traffic is from file downloads).
• Sites using more than 30% of system resources.

For those that do not qualify for the unlimited service, traffic will go unmonitored until you reach 10GB per month. Thereafter, normal data transfer cost of $10.00/5GB/month will be billed to your account.

We will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of this provision. Misuse of system resources, including but not limited to employing posts or programs which consume excessive CPU time or storage space; permitting use of mail services, mail forwarding capabilities, POP accounts, or auto-responders other than for the customer's own account; or resale of access to scripts or programs installed on our servers.

Commercial advertisements with e-mail, unsolicited commercial advertisements (spam) are not allowed in e-mail, and will likely result in account suspension or cancellation.

Commercial advertisements are unwelcome in most Usenet discussion groups and on most e-mail mailing lists. Inappropriate posting may result in account suspension or cancellation. See the newsgroup or mailing list's charter for whether advertising is allowed or not. "Spamming," or sending a message to many different off-topic newsgroups, is particularly unethical and will be treated as such.

Sending amessage, especially an advertisement, to more than five or six recipients, is by itself spamming unless the individuals have specifically requested to be added to a mailing list on that topic.

Background Running Programs: we may allow some programs to run continually in the background. These are considered on a one-to-one basis and an extra charge will be incurred based on system resources used and operational maintenance needed.

IRC, We currently do not allow IRC or IRC bots to be operated on our servers. TeleSites.Net reserves the right to place a small banner at the bottom of any and all web site pages on all accounts hosted on our servers and/or designed by TeleSites.Net.

The TeleSites.Net Acceptable Uses Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions sections together comprise TeleSites.Net's complete terms and conditions. Failure to follow any term or condition will be grounds for immediate account deactivation.

TeleSites.Net reserves the right to revise its policies at any time without prior notification.

Last Update: August 2, 2009.