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800 numbers for as low as $2 a month! Increase your contact visibility with a toll-free 800 line recommends Constant Contact for all your broadcast email needs.  List automation, sign up and maintenence in one easy package.

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<b>Keyword Marketing Services</b>

Keyword Marketing Services

Let us do the ugly work for you. Our Keyword Marketing Services will get your Pay-Per-Click campaigns online in no time at all.

We set up your account and enter your first 10 - 20 keywords and phrases - then we give you a one-on-one tour of the backend administrative control panel. Now you take over, log in and add your own keywords, phrases and manage your budget.

What could be easier? We set it all up and then you are in total control without the hassle of figuring out the sign up and basic configuration.


Marketing Services

Google Marketing Services set up and tour + US$139.00 
Yahoo-Bing Marketing Services set up and tour + US$139.00